about us

We help entrepreneurs launch or grow their business by giving them access to deals and discounts on products, tools and professional services, all within a vibrant community of like minds.

what we do

Access to tools & resources
Learning and mentoring
Access to exclusive product deals
Self development and economic empowerment
Discounted professional services
Accountability coaching
Out of over 10,000 budding entrepreneurs, Startup Desk was selected as one of the top 10 winners of the British Council's 2016 Creative Enterprise Challenge.

Our mission

We help entrepreneurs achieve success by giving them access to discounted tools, resources and business support in key areas that will accelerate their launch or growth.

We do this within a vibrant community of likeminds that encourages peer to peer learning, openness, sincerity and meaningful collaborations.

Our vision

To build the world’s largest and most supportive community of entrepreneurs.